Things that go Bump in the Night – Resource Review

things go bump

Black holes and Dark Matter; those are two subjects that I’ve always lacked understanding in. Of course, I’m not alone in this. Many people don’t understand how these unseen objects work—and when it comes to dark matter, even scientists themselves are in the dark as well! That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of Dr. Danny Faulkner’s new DVD ‘Things that go Bump in the Night’ from the AiG … Read more

Refracted Glory Review

Refracted Glory

Refracted Glory is a DVD documentary from Border Watch films about Hummingbirds. The documentary is hosted by David Rives from David Rives Ministries, and explores the multiple areas of wonder and interest in these incredible birds. With interviews of experts like Stuart Burgess, Bodie Hodge, David Menton, and Ken Ham, this documentary is a great reminder of how complex the design of life is. Although we see Hummingbirds all the time, we generally take them … Read more

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman – Resource Review

Through the Worm

A couple years ago, I got this astronomy DVD for Christmas; ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’. Recently I’ve found that it’s a pretty famous show about astronomy. So, I thought I’d write a review of it so you guys could hear what I thought of it. The first thing that struck me when I first started watching it was all the religious topics. Episodes like “Is there a God?” “Where did we come from?” … Read more

The Six Days of Genesis Resource Review


Wonders without Number: The Six Days of Genesis is the first in a DVD series based on David Rives’ book Wonders without Number. The first episode features Paul Taylor author of ‘The Six Days of Genesis’ and covered what exactly the Bible meant by a ‘Day’ in Genesis 1. The video did a good job of explaining why we know what Genesis was referring to and why it matters. Many Christians get up in arms … Read more

Creation and Cosmology Review

creation and cosmology

Resource Review by Vinnie Harned Creation and Cosmology is a DVD presentation from the Answers in Genesis Creation Library by Dr. Danny Faulkner. In it, Dr. Faulkner goes through the history of the Big Bang with its many phases. The presentation does a really good job of defining the predictions versus the adjustments that the theory has gone through to fit the evidence. Dr. Faulkner exposes the problems and flaws of the Big Bang while … Read more

What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy, Volume I – Review


Recently I got my hands on what could possibly be the most awesome Creation Astronomy Dvd that I’ve ever watched. ‘What you aren’t Being told about Astronomy is a Dvd series by Spike Psarris. The first volume in the series covers the solar system*. Spke Psarris was previously an engineer in the United States’ military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a … Read more

Evolution vs. God Review


From Vinnie Harned’s Blog Ray Comfort’s films have been an inspiration to me ever since I first saw ‘180’. As a young person with a burden for the lost, I was terrified to see that I couldn’t share my faith because I was unsure what to say to people. Watching Ray Comfort gave me the knowledge that I needed to understand sharing the gospel. If you’ve been in the creationist community for very long, you’ll … Read more

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: The Bible is not Scientific


As all of you should know, recently I got to visit two homeschool conventions. While I was there I was asked about the new Cosmos series that’s on television. It’s no small secret that I have been ignoring Tyson’s new show. The fact of the matter is that I’m just not interested in TV shows; TV shows about Astronomy are no different. The few shows that I’ve seen are firmly evolutionary and start with the … Read more

Wonders without Number – Book Review

wonders without number

Book Review by Vinnie Harned Which doeth great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number. – Job 9:10   When I first heard of David Rives’ new book, I knew we had to do an interview. So I bought his book and read it. It was impressive and well thought up. I’ve attempted to write books before (many times, but not recently), and let me tell you, it’s a lot of work. Wonders … Read more